Jessica and Mathew’s Wedding {JB Photography}

On July 30th I had the honor of photographing Jessica and Mathew’s wedding. The day started with Jessica getting ready. I took this time to get a lovely shot of her dress hanging.

Once dressed it was time for her to get her jewelry on! She sure made a lovely bride.1-28

One of the things we planned was a 1st look. This was before they seen each other.1-36-1

We did some family pictures inside, this lovely group is the grooms family!1-45

The brides family!1-56

After getting the group shots it was time for the ceremony! The groom here is patiently waiting for his bride to walk down the aisle. 1-75

Here comes the bride!1-82 1-102 1-104 1-111 1-133

After the ceremony they exited with a confetti cannon! 1-179

Then the whole family came together for a group picture!


After the church photos we headed to Gordon Moore Park. We got some fun pictures of the girls admiring Jessica’s ring!1-198

The happy couple and their baby Jade!1-206

The bride with her mother! 1-208

Wedding party!1-209

I told the boys to act silly and this is what I got.1-214

The reception was lovely! After introducing the wedding party dinner was served. After dinner the couple cut their wedding cake!1-263-1 1-267 1-279-1

The couple’s first dance!1-293

Father daughter dance~1-302