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    Baseball Mini Sessions! {JB Photography}

    Are you a baseball fan? If so I have the min session for you. This year I will be hosting a baseball mini session. Session will include a simple setup fun for all ages. Sessions will take place August 13th and 14th in the afternoon. For more information please email me at info@jlynnprophoto.com. Do note that spots are limited and fill up fast. 

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    Miss Ceci is 3 {JB Photography}

    Miss Ceci has been coming to me since before she was born! Her mom came to me for her maturity pictures and it has been such an honor to watch her grow. One of the advantages of photographing Ceci for as long as I have is she is very comfortable with me. Knowing me and trusting me allows for her to relax and to help get those nice big smiles that every photographer dreams of. Don’t get me wrong though, she knows it can be hard work to be a “model” but with some bribing of M&M’s she knew her “payment” was well worth it!

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    Miss H and Family {JB Photography}

    I love photographing toddlers! Not only are they full of energy but they are also a challenge. When clients book with me and they have children under the age of 4 they are often concerned that the perfect picture won’t happen. As a parent myself I know the importance of getting that perfect picture and at each session I strive to do just that. One of the keys that I have found is to let the little one feel like they are running the show. If they need a break give them one and try to make the session more of a game rather than work. It is also important for parents…