Watson Wedding {JB Photography}

I always adore photographing weddings. There’s so much love in the air and the bride and groom spent so much time carefully planning all the details. It was not any different for Chris and Elaina‚Äôs wedding, either!

Their wedding day was truly noteworthy. The weather was being iffy with a lot of storms in the area but we where all determined to get some outdoor pictures taken.

We started out our session at the River City Casino. As you can see below it made for a beautiful background for photos.

Trying to beat the rain we then headed to Cliff Cave park. I never been to this park before so I was super excited to try it out, and as you can see it was fabulous!

The day ended at Orlando’s for the reception, and boy did everyone have fun!


As you can see, the day was full of love and fun! I am very honored to be their photographer on their special day.