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Miss A turns 2! {JB Photography}

Miss A turned 2 and was so much fun to work with! Working with little ones can be challenging, but a challenge is what I love the most. Toddlers don’t typically do not want to sit still and honestly I am perfectly content with this! Many parents are always worried about getting that perfect picture when it comes to this age but the key is to find the right photographer!

One of the keys to photographing little ones this age is patients. I often find you have to let the little one run the show. At this age children love to feel in control¬† and if they feel they are then you will be more likely to guide and direct them to where you want the child to go. I often find myself running around chasing or being chased, but honestly I love it. Who doesn’t love a impromptu games of tag? I know I sure do!¬†