Ashley and Damon Wedding {JB Photography}

The day was warm and sunny, both bride and groom was filled with both excitement and nervousness. As their photographer, it is my job to tell their story of their special day and for me this was even more special as I consider Ashley a very dear friend of mine.

So things got started at the beauty salon where the girls where getting ready. Hair, makeup and a little bit of bubbly seemed to make things a little more relaxed!1-32 1-50 1-94

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After the hair salon we headed over to one of the bridesmaid’s house for the girls to get dressed!1-75 1-771-98 1-149-1The girls where ready and the boys where next. They where pretty quick to get ready.


Next was the big part, the ceremony!

When Ashley walked down the aisle the look on Damon’s face melted everyone’s heart!1-351-331-541-117

After the ceremony they left in their beloved jeep for some one on one time!1-125

After the ceremony we took some time for formals. These are always my favorite part of the wedding because it allows me to be a little more creative. 1-32 1-34 1-113 1-80 1-73-1 1-66 1-121 1-136-1

After the formals it was time to party!!

This was such a lovely moment and a candid shot, to me it really shows the love the have for each other.1-811-1311-154
Overall I would say the day was a huge success. It was a beautiful day and I was so honored to be apart of it!

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