• Clients,  High School Seniors

    Dillon Class of 2016 {JB Photography}

      Nothing is more exciting than graduating high school. But I have heard from many seniors that getting their pictures done can be very stressful. Often times, they feel their photographer doesn’t listen to what they are wanting style wise and they often feel rushed. Getting your pictures taken should be fun, not stressful! When booking with JB Photography, rather it be for a senior session or a family session I do my best to keep things fun and relaxed. Before your session takes place we will go over your ideas and what you are wanting to achieve. Dillon was very laid back, he knew what he wanted but he…

  • Clients,  Newborn

    Miss E Newborn Pictures {JB Photography}

    Being a natural light photographer comes with its challenges. You are constantly fighting the weather. It can be the wind, rain, snow, cold or heat. For Miss E’s session we had a battle of both the wind and the cold. We originally started her session on Thursday, but it was so windy and cold, so we decided to move the session to Monday. And as a typical Midwest weather, it didn’t disappoint! We had perfect 70 degree weather and we managed to get some pretty cute shots!

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