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Miss H and Family {JB Photography}

I love photographing toddlers! Not only are they full of energy but they are also a challenge. When clients book with me and they have children under the age of 4 they are often concerned that the perfect picture won’t happen. As a parent myself I know the importance of getting that perfect picture and at each session I strive to do just that.

One of the keys that I have found is to let the little one feel like they are running the show. If they need a break give them one and try to make the session more of a game rather than work. It is also important for parents to remember to keep their calm and try not to get to frustrated.

As a child photographer I have honestly seen it all, the crying, tantrums, screaming, and running away so you have no reason to be embarrassed, but be reassured that as your photographer I have learned skills to get your child to cooperate.

Miss H and her family did a fantastic job at their session. Miss H was full of energy and was worn out by the end of the session but we managed to get some great photographs! Her mom and dad took the steps above to help the session go along smoothly and for that the results were wonderful!

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