Spring and Simply Sweet Mini Sessions! {JB Photography}

Spring will be here before you know it and now is the time to start thinking about your spring pictures. This year I am offering two different types of spring mini sessions. Spring/Easter and Simply Sweet.
The Spring setup will include a teepee, Easter setup and lemonade stand.
Simply Sweet will be with little to no props.

Cost of session is $50 and includes a 30-minute session and 10 pictures of your choice.

The location will be at Gordon Moore Park. To book follow the following links.

Spring: https://form.jotform.com/72138784684166
Simply Sweet: https://form.jotform.com/50828001104137

Questions? Email me at info@jlynnprophoto.com


Mr. A Christmas Session {JB Photography}

It’s not every day I get to meet the real Santa! Mr. A was a bit hesitant at first getting close to Santa but with a little time, they became the best friends!

Sessions like these are not my typical type of sessions but I enjoy getting out of my comfort zone and working closely with clients to give them a unique session that fits there needs and I think we succeeded! 

Clowers Family {JB Photography}

The Clowers family haven’t had pictures done in about ten years and I am honored that they choose me to be their photographer. When going into a photo session with a new family I always start off slow and work on getting to know them more, my job is to show not only who they are as individuals but also as a family. The Clowers made my job very easy.  As you can see everyone (including the puppy) were all smiles!

Christmas Mini Sessions! {JB Photography}

This year’s Christmas Mini Sessions was a huge success! The weather set us back a bit but we managed to push through and get everyone taken care of! This year’s setup was similar to last year with a few new smaller props added. Everyone came prepared and we got a lot of great smiles! 

Miss S {JB Photography}

This young lady is exceptional! She is not only a huge science wiz she is also beautiful, silly and sweet. She is always so easy to work with and is always offering some great suggestions on posing and locations. She is very comfortable in front of the camera which always makes my job a lot easier. 

Mr. L {JB Photography}

This little man just melted my heart, not only is he adorable he was so polite and helpful during his session and loved being my helper! One of the joys that I have as a photographer is capturing little’s one’s personalities. When you get that perfect shot you get this warm fuzzy feeling inside that makes me want to burst at the seams. With Mr. L it didn’t take much to get those perfect shots!

Scott Family {JB Photography}

Time sure fly’s by when you’re having fun! At least that is what I have always said. The Scott family hasn’t had updated family pictures in almost nine years (when I did their wedding photos!) and I was so excited they came to me. When photographing families I try to always find that connection between everyone. With the Scott’s it wasn’t hard to do at all.

Breann Class of 2018 {JB Photography}

I love photographing high school seniors! And Breann rocked her session. The day though gloomy and windy still made from wonderful pictures. Thankfully with the years of experience, I have as a photographer I have learned how to shoot in all kinds of lighting conditions, including misty, cloudy and windy. 

Fall Mini Sessions 2017 {JB Photography}

This year’s Fall Mini Sessions was a huge success! One of the reasons I love to use the area I do is because I can utilize the walk over bridge which always makes for some wonderful photos. This year I was hoping to have a leaf pile but because the leafs didn’t change as quickly as I expected we had to skip it this year but with the setups I feel it more than made up for it!

Miss A turns 2! {JB Photography}

Miss A turned 2 and was so much fun to work with! Working with little ones can be challenging, but a challenge is what I love the most. Toddlers don’t typically do not want to sit still and honestly I am perfectly content with this! Many parents are always worried about getting that perfect picture when it comes to this age but the key is to find the right photographer!

One of the keys to photographing little ones this age is patients. I often find you have to let the little one run the show. At this age children love to feel in control  and if they feel they are then you will be more likely to guide and direct them to where you want the child to go. I often find myself running around chasing or being chased, but honestly I love it. Who doesn’t love a impromptu games of tag? I know I sure do!